In the market our presence is defined by our commitment to Efficiency, Sustainability and Customer Satisfaction. With our exclusive experience and multi-disciplined team our market scope is wide to provide a focused quality service. Customers in search of excellence will benefit from our team’s comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of process, technologies and availability of resources.

We supply specialist products and services for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries while providing unique value solutions to technical problems through a well-developed network of international principals, supported locally by experienced and skilled staff. Our extensive experience in markets worldwide, empowers us to take a macro approach, apply best practices and synergies on the projects, serving our clients efficiently and effectively.



We are focused on the, upstream, midstream and downstream of this sector. Our stronghold the market has enabled us to provide exceptional services to our major clients. With our independent project approach towards technologies and manufactures we are able to make the best choices based on the regulatory framework, performance requirements, commercial conditions and client preferences.



In a world where water is an increasingly precious resource, accurate and appropriate treatment and conservation of water is increasingly complex and imperative. Our expertise delivers solutions suitable for the whole water cycle for human or industrial use. We have products to meet and exceed the international standards and support the major players to find the right integrated solution for their pumping needs.



We envisioned the need to employ more environmentally friendly and energy saving technologies years back. With many years of experience in the industry, we have step by step established ourselves as one of the most reliable solar system solution provider in the industry, providing the best quality products in the market.