Dehydration Skids

TEG dehydration units lower the water dew point, allowing the water vapor to condense to a liquid at a lower temperature. In turn, the units depress the hydrate formation point of the gas through water removal.

Water vapor present in natural gas streams has many adverse effects including slug formation, hydrate formation and corrosion in pipelines and downstream equipment. Triethylene glycol dehydration (TEG) units are the glycol dehydration system most commonly employed to remove water, which, at low temperatures, can freeze in piping or form hydrates with CO2 and hydrocarbons. Depending on the composition, these hydrates can form at relatively high temperatures plugging equipment and piping.

Common practice is to use our standard TEG dehydration units downstream from an amine plant, storage, compression and/or gas processing facilities. Our TEG dehydration units are designed skid-mounted for simple installation and mobility purposes.