Surge Relief Skid

In many liquid handling applications such as onshore and offshore pipelines, storage terminals and marine loading and unloading, surge relief systems are necessary to protect equipment, personnel and the environment from surge pressures. The pressure surges can be generated in a pipe line by anything that causes the liquid velocity in a line to change quickly such as thermal expansion, valve closures and pumps that trip. The system design must incorporate a complex range of factors including the potential for increasing pressure, consideration of the volumes that pass by the pressure relief equipment and the system’s capacity to contain pressure. The surge must be eliminated to protect from flange separation, leaks or major piping damage from the liquid carrying line.

Packaged, easy-to-integrate surge relief systems provide comprehensive surge protection and flow measurement, combining field-proven technologies and deep application expertise to ensure pipeline integrity and total protection. Surge Relief skids can be used for handling different liquids such as Crude Oil, LPG, Refined products, Petrochemical and various chemicals. Surge Relief skids will help to operate the pipe lines in its maximum allowable operating pressure(MAOP) thus reduces the overall design cost.