Turnkey Solutions

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Engaging us early in the planning process helps us focus on finding the right engineering solution to achieve your performance requirements whilst minimising your total cost of acquisition.

Design & Engineering

Our experienced engineers apply product and optimization strategies to design a package system which meets your specific requirements at the lowest possible cost without compromising on applicable codes and standards.

Supply Chain Management

The success of any project is reliant on the performance of the supply chain. With attention to detail and a well-oiled and experienced system in place, our supply chain team prides itself on its excellent track record in delivering projects on-time.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Our quality management system addresses all processes, including the design, material selection, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning to ensure the package performs as intended.


Installation and Construction

Our construction teams are fully trained and experienced in package installation techniques. Leverage our expertise to ensure timely and correct installation of your package requirements.


We offer onsite installation and commissioning of products by establishing the product’s functionality in actual site or process conditions

Post Installation Services & Maintenance

We have a professional, well-trained customer services team equipped with the latest technologies and capable of handling any challenges to ensure all customer service needs are well taken care of, with utmost skill and professionalism. We maintain ready availability of field support team, special tools and test equipment.

Project Management Excellence

We have significant experience with several project management endeavors throughout the world. Our integrated project team approach with our clients ensures the maximum efficiency and success of projects regardless of the size and scope. Our dedicated Project Management Teams are committed to delivering on time, on scope and on budget.


PetroServe is a Passion-animated and totally Independent company, having no restrictions in the selection of the parts for the equipments, choosing the most suitable ones available in the market or those suggested by the customers. When unavailable, PetroServe boasts the capability to design and manufacture the proper part suitable for the application.

Flexible Approach

In PetroServe, experience is combined with the highest technical know-how and a flexible approach. The results are products that meet any customer’s request by using the newest technologies at the most competitive price.